Kyoko Tamada has long taken in the Japanese culture of MIYABI to her glass artwork. She has successfully altered the Heian Period colors uniquely into glass, rather than expressing them in fabric and paper.
Many of the Japanese glass artists struggle to find their signature style, but sadly can not seem to escape from the Western style art form. [MIYABI GLASS-Glass of Refined Elegance] is based on the MIYABI culture passed down in the Imperial Household within the Imperial Court for 1000 years.
Kyoko Tamada has the sensibility of color near to that of the Heian Period courtier. If there was glass in the Heian Period, rather than using fabric and paper, the artists would have chosen glass as a tool to express the combination of colors created by the layering garments of JUNIHITOE, a twelve-layered ceremonial kimono worn by court ladies.
[MIYABI GLASS-Glass of Refined Elegance] is a unique modern glass art originated in Japan.


玉田恭子 (TAMADA Kyoko)

Japan Glass Artcrafts Association Board Member
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More than 1000 years ago, [KANA-Japanese Calligraphy] was born. The people from the Heian Period had a strong ability of insight to the minute change of seasons in colors and the air.
This strong insight lead to the various [IRO-Colors] and developed into the unique playful color coordination [KASANE-Layers and Combination of Colors].
With her Heian Periodical [ME-Eyes and Insight], Kyoko Tamada will introduce you to the world of [MIYABI-Refined Elegance] through the contemporary art known as glass.
Her [INORI-Prayer and Devotion] has lead her in producing a unique MADE BY & IN JAPAN art piece.
Enjoy the unique world of [URUWASHI-Refined Graceful Elegance].
2022.03.22  Kyoko Tamada’s KASANE GLASS was registered as an utility model.